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Does your dog need a sensitive diet?

Some dogs are born with a sensitive stomach while others develop the condition later in life. Symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, excessive gas, and diarrhea.

Every dog (working or not) is an individual so, just as with humans, what works for one dog will not work for all.

Whether your dog was born with a sensitive stomach or their sensitivities developed later in life, it is something that needs to be addressed in order for them to thrive. By changing to a diet that they find easier to digest, their nutrient uptake and overall wellbeing can be better supported.

Chudleys Hypoallergenic Lamb Sensitive is an ideal alternative for a working dog with a sensitive stomach. Free from wheat gluten, soya and egg this specially formulated feed provides high-quality fibre, prebiotics and carefully selected herbs to help maintain intestinal health and stability.
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