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Lurcher - Profile of Traditional working dogs

To some, the words traditional and crossbreed are a sort of juxtaposition, a contrast of sorts, especially on the field where our working dogs’ breeding lines are often steeped in heritage as breeder’s have carefully honed the breed to ensure only the more desirable characteristics continue on. But what of the Lurcher? One of the most traditional crossbreeds in existence, a breeding recipe for working dog success, that has made for a versatile, adaptable dog that is again and again relied on for a variety of tasks. Typical breeds of choice include: Greyhound, Deerhound, Saluki or Wolfhound bred with another usually pastoral working dog such as a Border Collie or Terrier. Sometimes a handler will opt for no pastoral blood at all and instead choose to cross two sighthounds- a case of personal preference and job compatibility here. A Bedlington Terrier is a popular option due to them being somewhat less feisty and vocal than their smaller Terrier counterparts. Naturally, a combination of any of these breeds will gift you a tenacious yet sensitive, loyal partner that enjoys their work immensely.

As with all breeds of dog there are of course highly desirable characteristics as well as those which, particularly for a working dog can be detrimental to the work they do either from a behavioural or physical perspective. This is of paramount importance when considering breeding a Lurcher, a delicate balancing act is required to get those integral working dog characteristics to come through, whilst stabilising the potential incompatibilities of several breeds commonly placed into the mix.

They may well be a little different to your adoring Spaniel that feeds off a big-pat-well-done for a good retrieve or the Labrador that hangs off every word with utter adoration, but these dogs often repay their handlers with unwavering loyalty, buckets of intelligence and the athletic ability of an Olympic athlete.

As a general rule of thumb, the Lurcher will tend to have a higher metabolic rate than some of our other traditional working dogs such as the Labrador, again very dependant on the individual dog but are unlikely to be prone to gaining weight and may even need that little extra support from their diet when spending longer, more frequent days out in the field. Skin and digestive health is key to optimum performance, that is why the Chudleys Lamb Sensitive is a main staple in our range, providing vital QLC antioxidants and prebiotics to support dogs maintain intestinal health and stability. It is also free of the following common allergens: wheat-gluten, soya and egg.

The Chudleys range has a diet to suit all working dogs, a popular choice for a hard- working Lurcher is Working Crunch- a great option that supports maintenance of stamina with a high energy, fat and protein content, giving your working dogs support they need both on and off the field. Alternatively, Chudleys Greyhound Racer would be a good option with an increased carbohydrate content along with increased protein to support the short, sharp prey-pursuit work they do out in the field.


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