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We are conscious of our actions as a feed manufacturer and the impact these have on the environment. From where we source our ingredients and materials to how the product is manufactured, all affects our carbon footprint. 

With the most recent update to our Chudleys branded packaging we have optimised efficiencies to offer our customers a competitively priced product whilst reducing our plastic usage by an estimated 25% (if we were to compare like-for-like packaging usage year-on-year). We have also opted for LDPE, a Low-Density Polyethylene material which is recyclable, however, users should check this is an accepted material with their local authority before recycling. This, for us, is a transitional packaging material as we continue to seek out a more environmentally friendly option within our capabilities.

Around our mill in Northamptonshire, we're constantly looking to make environmental improvements. We repurpose all of our category 3 waste into biofuels with all surplus feed recycled back into the supply chain. We only use waste management providers that provide safe, secure and accredited disposal of waste with minimum impact on carbon footprint. We are in the process of improving our warehousing facilities and with that, we are taking the opportunity to make our forklift fleet electric.

The Chudleys brand is built around a commitment to manufacture the most nutritious product possible to support your dog's wellbeing. This has not changed. Whilst we continue to grow as a brand, we are passionate that this is done in an environmentally sustainable way which we hope, you will see reflected in the changes we are making.
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