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Join the Chudleys Breeders Club!

The Chudleys brand understands the importance a breeder plays in a dog’s life more than most, with the Chudley family being renowned breeders of champion labradors, springer and cocker spaniels. Passing nutritional expertise onto the next generation is important, hence why we've created the Chudleys Breeders Club to support breeders in passing on the best nutritional support to the new owners of a puppy.

Why should you join the Chudleys Breeders Club?

  • Discount pricing on Chudleys products, including Puppy/Junior
  • Free puppy packs to pass on
  • Nutritional support and guidance

What is included in the Puppy Packs:

  • Puppy Guide
  • Chudleys brand brochure
  • 2.5kg Puppy/Junior 
  • Discount e-vouchers for Chudleys products
  • Measuring cups to help users with portion sizes

If you're a breeder and want to join our Breeders Scheme, then simply register your interest below by filling out the breeders registration form. By registering to join our Breeders Club, you are adhering to follow our terms and conditions.

Key requirements:

  • You exclusively feed Chudleys to your dogs. We will require proof of previous product purchases or continuous orders from registration.
  • You are an active 'Breeder' with a Kennel Affix, be registered with KC, KC Registered Breed Club or registered with local council as a breeder where regulations and license requirements adhered to
  • . We will require proof of your registration, so will need to see your KC certificate / documentation to validate you as a breeder
  • Breeder is based in the UK
  • You are not affiliated with any other breeders scheme
  • Breeder must be expecting litter within the next three months
  • New litters must be registered within four weeks of birth
  • All new litters will be exclusively fed on Chudleys
  • Puppy packs issued to breeder MUST only be issued to new puppy owners 
  • Puppy packs to be issued to new puppy owners free of charge

If we feel that any of the key requirements are not met, then we reserve the right to withdraw any benefit or support.

For any more information on our breeders scheme, contact our Breeders Support Team on 01780 483309.

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