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Increasing fitness levels for the season

Reaching optimum fitness for the season may be a worry for some handlers to achieve or you may own a dog that not onl...

How to look after Rabbits

Aside from dogs and cats as the most popular household pets, small furries such as rabbits are also popular family pe...

Off- Season Activities For Your Working Dog

So it’s early spring and the shooting season has come to an end, the guns are back in their cabinet, the breeks and t...

Lurcher - Profile of Traditional working dogs

To some, the words traditional and crossbreed are a sort of juxtaposition, a contrast of sorts, especially on the fie...

Choosing the right breed of working dog

With a myriad of working dogs to choose from, the world really is your oyster when deciding on the perfect dog, wheth...

Hungarian Vizsla - Profile Of Traditional Working Dogs

To ‘search and to track’, the direct translation from Hungarian for the Vizsla, a breed steeped in aristocratic stand...


If your gundog becomes less active, it may be beneficial to switch to a feed that provides fewer calories to avoid un...

5 tips to help keep your dog fuelled during a day in the field

If you’re spending the day in the field with your dog, it’s important that they get the fuel they need to keep them g...

Does your dog need a sensitive diet?

Some dogs are born with a sensitive stomach while others develop the condition later in life. Symptoms can include na...
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