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HISTORY Greyhounds are one of the oldest breeds of dog in history and can be traced back over 4,000 years. They app...

Dog Poisons Awareness

There are many items around the home, farm or countryside, that are obviously harmful to dogs. However, there are man...

Chudleys Guide To Autumn

Autumn is the season of shorter days, muddy walks and the chill of winter just around the corner. It also brings certain risks to our dogs. Here is the Chudleys guide to help you know what to look out for.

Helping your Dog or Rabbit during the Firework season.

Eighty percent of owners notice a change in their dog’s behaviour during fireworks season and nearly half say that their dogs are scared by them. Dogs have much better hearing than us so loud bangs can be deafening to them! Here are some tips for helping them cope.

Switching your puppy to adult food.

Choosing the right time to move over from puppy to an adult recipe depends entirely on what breed or size your dog is.

Increasing fitness levels for the season

Reaching optimum fitness for the season may be a worry for some handlers to achieve or you may own a dog that not onl...

How to look after Rabbits

Aside from dogs and cats as the most popular household pets, small furries such as rabbits are also popular family pe...

Off- Season Activities For Your Working Dog

So it’s early spring and the shooting season has come to an end, the guns are back in their cabinet, the breeks and t...
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