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Three time winner of the Irish Champion Stake, including back to back wins in 2015 and 2016 with FT CH Gerensary Minerva, Richard MacNicol brings a wealth of experience to the Chudleys Ambassador role.

An esteemed pointer and setter handler, trainer and Kennel Club Judge, based near Thurso in Caithness, he has bred, trained and managed Pointers and Labradors for over 30 years, and spends some of his time working as a professional trainer on the Tressady Estate in Sutherland.

To date Richard has made up 13 Field Trial Champions - 11 pointers and 2 setters, winning the British Champion Stake 5 times and the Irish Champion Stake 3 times.

Pointers and Setters use tremendous amounts of energy whilst working and require a top quality performance food to sustain them. Richard has been feeding his dogs Chudleys with great success for some 30 years and comments " Why change it if its a winner!".

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